Spirit of Gentleness Farm

About Our Alpaca Farm

When people picture themselves cozying up by the fire on a cold night, they might imagine wearing a soft, wool sweater. Many people do not realize, however, that Alpaca fiber can be warmer, lighter and softer than sheep wool.

The alpaca yarn and fiber we provide comes exclusively from the nine friendly alpacas on our farm in Pleasant Mount, Pennsylvania.  Each alpaca is a unique color, and produces fiber ranging from dark gray to light silver gray, dark brown to light fawn and a beautiful white alpaca named Shadow. The fiber can be used for yarn in any knitting or crocheting project and the roving is ready to spin or felt.  Even beginning knitters can recognize the advantage to this fiber and its natural elastic qualities.

Our farm raised alpaca yarn and roving is available for sale thru our On Line Store.  All our alpacas were born and raised in Wayne County, Pennsylvania so all our products are truly made in the USA.

If you need some ideas of what to make with our Pennsylvania farm raised alpaca fiber and yarn, feel free to check out our alpaca products on the Spirit of Gentleness On Line Store.